A warm welcome to the LWMOM! We are a local community of 200+ members from all over Westchester County, NY and have found this group to be an incredible lifeline and resource to raising multiples. No matter what you are experiencing, we have a member who has already lived through it and can help guide you! Whether it’s a long preemie NICU stay, using a gestational carrier, navigating the Early Intervention program, or simply not understanding how to bottle feed two babies at once, we are here for you!

Top 10 signs you are in good company of another MoM (Mom of Multiple):
1. You are instantly a part of an exclusive club of MoMs and can spot each other in crowds.
2. Playdates are like birthday parties and the chaos is just part of the fun.
3. You will not be asked, “wow, how do you do it??”. (But moments later a MoM will seriously ask “how do you do it?”)
4. Running, lifting weights > not necessary!  A day with your kids is exercise enough!
5. Whatever stage you are in, there are other MoMs who have “been there, done that” and can offer experienced wisdom.
6. No one will ask you: “Are they twins?,” “Which one is the good one?,” “Do twins run in your family?,” or “Are they identical?” if your twins are a boy and a girl.
7. You have an incredible sense of humor…what’s not to laugh at?
8. You jump out of your chair the moment you hear  ‘girls night out’.
9. You admire each others’ superior parenting skills (strength, speed, endurance).
10. A moms of multiples group offers much needed connections during both the challenging and the fun times of raising multiples. You will never feel like you are alone with LWMOM.

* LWMOM recognizes a partnership of support with the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc., www.nomotc.org . *